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Bangkok Island prepares timeless family recipes with home in mind. Welcome home!

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When it comes to enjoying good food, we all have our favorite recipes. Whether you like it stir-fried or grilled, Bangkok Island can satisfy your Thai food craving from sweet to spicy.

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We prepare and serve timeless, Thai dishes in a family-friendly atmosphere.


12. Papaya Salad $12.95

13. Larb Salad $12.95

14. Beef Salad $14.95

15. Bangkok Island Salad $14.95

Noodle | Rice

Noodle Soup

23. Beef Noodle Soup $13.95

Rice noodle soup, sliced beef, beef basil, and bean sprout.

24. Tom Yum Noodle Soup. $14.95

Hot and spicy noodle soup with ground chicken, shrimp, fish balls, bean sprout and ground peanut.

25. Seafood Noodle Soup $14.95

Rice noodle soup with calamari, shrimp, fish ball and bean sprout.

16. Thai Fried Rice $12.95

Pan-fried steamed jasmine rice with tomatoes, egg, and onion.

17. Spicy Fried Rice $12.95

Pan-fried steamed jasmine rice with hot chili, garlic, bell pepper and sweet basil.

18. Crispy Chicken Fried Rice $15.95

Deep-fried battered chicken breast served over pan fried rice with egg, green bean, and carrot.

19. Bangkok Fried Rice. $15.95

Pan fried rice with chicken and prawns, pineapple, onion, egg and cashew nut.

20. Pad See Ew $12.95

Pan-fried rice noodles with broccoli, egg, and garlic.

21. Pad Thai $12.95

Pan-fried rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts, tofu, green onion, and peanut.

22. Drunken Noodle $12.95

Pan-fried rice noodles with chili, onion, and sweet basil.

The Grill

26. Grilled BBQ Pork. $17.95

27. Grilled BBQ Chicken $16.95

28. Grilled Baby Back Ribs $17.95

29. BBQ Chicken $16.95

30. Grilled Salmon Filet $19.95

31. Lamb Chop $27.95

32. Prime Rib $33.51

33. Grilled Trout. $17.95

34. Grilled Seabass with Jumbo Prawns

35. Grilled Short Ribs $17.95

36. BBQ Pork Ribs $19.15


42. Spicy Basil $12.95

43. Spicy Green Bean $12.95

44. Spicy Eggplant $12.95

45. Peanut Sauce Lover $12.95

Something Sweet

46. Sweet Roti with Ice Cream $8.95

47. Mango Sticky Rice. $7.95

48. Fried Banana Ice Cream. $7.95

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